Personal Planning Ideas

The Nuts and Bolts of Charitable Gift Annuities
The charitable gift annuity stands out as a way to assist favorite charities while preserving — even improving — your financial security during times of low interest rates . . . more

Who’s the Right Executor for Your Estate?
Considerable thought should be given to choosing an executor to manage your affairs after death . . . more

Planning after Losing a Spouse
The loss of a spouse is widely considered the most stressful period in a person’s life, but eventually the time comes to make plans for the future . . . more

Charitable Giving’s Top Three
Certain assets make great gifts from an estate, but are not as good when given during lifetime . . . more

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February 2017 Archive
• Home Is Where the Business Is
• What’s Ahead, Tax-Wise, in 2017?
• Helping Parents with Charitable Gift Annuities
• Estate Planning to Minimize Future Family Conflicts

January 2017 Archive
• Review Beneficiary Designation Regularly
• Do You Really Need a Lawyer?
• The View from on High
• Q&A on Leaving a Legacy from a Retirement Account

December 2016 Archive
• There’s Still Time
• Some Numbers Looking Up
• A Baker’s Dozen Year-End Ideas
• Tax Milestones for All Ages

November 2016 Archive
• Finding Opportunities in Losses
• Sources for Immediate Cash Needs
• Happy Birthday to the Estate Tax
• Contrarian Advice

October 2016 Archive
• Higher Medicare Prices on the Way
• Review 2015 Income Tax Return
• Prospecting for Gold in Old Stock Certificates
• Papers You’ll Need if You’re Named Executor

September 2016 Archive
• Charitable Gifts that Allow You to Change Your Mind
• Getting the Most from Gifts of Appreciated Stock
• Options for Helping Charity from Retirement Accounts
• Which to Choose — A Will or a Revocable Living Trust?

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